Congratulations to FF Steve Lester

Aug 17, 2017

Front Range Fire Rescue Authority hired Firefighter Steve Lester on July 29, 2017

Chief Ron Bateman made the announcement in June that FRFR was in the final selection process. FF Lester was selected from several other candidates in July.

When FF Lester was asked about making the move to Front Range Fire Rescue Authority he responded, “I am very excited to start my career with FRFRA, I feel I have found my home here. I am honored to have this amazing opportunity to learn and grow in this organization and to help provide excellent customer service to this amazing community.”

Lester originally from Wisconsin, is a graduate from Thompson Valley High School in Loveland. After graduation, he began volunteering for Loveland Fire Rescue Authority and has been a part time firefighter for them since 2006. “It was there I discovered my love of this profession and knew this was my calling”.  He lives in Loveland with his wife and 2 children.

Chief Bateman expressed his excitement to gain FF Lester as a member of the organization.