About Us

Serving Johnstown, Milliken, and Weld County for more than 100 years.


Front Range Fire Rescue Authority is an independent legal entity formed through an intergovernmental agreement between Johnstown and Milliken Fire Protection Districts. Johnstown and Milliken remain separate taxing districts but share equipment, facilities, revenue, fire chiefs, firefighters, reserves/volunteers, and a board of directors as one department for the benefit of both communities.

By pooling our resources, we are able to respond quickly and professionally to the ever increasing emergency requests. Combining training and standard operating procedures allow us to provide a consistent response for the safety of both residents and firefighters. Using standardized and upgraded equipment, firefighters can operate efficiently on scene regardless of the station from which they respond. Both Stations 1 and 2 are staffed with a minimum of three full-time Firefighter/EMTs that remain on duty 24/7/365.

The Authority established an agreement with University of Colorado Health/Poudre Valley Hospital to provide EMS service staffed with professional paramedic crews. Paramedic crews are stationed in Johnstown (Station 1) and Milliken (Station 2)  for rapid response times and advanced life support. Ambulance on-scene times have improved from 30 minutes to less than 9 minutes 93% of the time in suburban areas and less than 12 minutes 74% of the time in rural areas.

Emergency services are provided by a combination of professionally trained volunteer and career staff. Front Range Fire Rescue Authority stands ready to assist our residents, business owners, and visitors with, but not limited to, public education and outreach, disaster preparedness, emergency medical services, fire suppression, and technical rescue. Serving a population of over 20,000 situated in a 74 square mile service area, the Front Range Fire Rescue Authority continues to evolve in order to deliver the highest level of service possible at a reasonable cost. The members of the Front Range Fire Rescue Authority are well trained, courageous, compassionate, and professional members of the communities we serve.

We appreciate the opportunity to serve our community 24/7/365.